About Us

Albert Saleh

Albert’s Furniture, proudly named after founder Albert Saleh, was established in 1954 under the foundation that all people deserve assisted financing. Albert began the business offering credit to any and all people with no credit checks and no credit required! Today the family stays strong with three locations dominating Michigan’s southeast region. The foundation remains with a “Buy Here, Pay Here” mentality allowing anybody to receive credit in order to obtain furniture. Since the start of the businessAlbert’s Furniture has retained their in-house financing and also implemented other financing programs to insure comfort when purchasing furniture. Above all, Albert’s drives to captivate the home furnishing experience by stocking up on the most up to date sets of all furniture from living rooms to dining rooms, bedrooms to offices, and beyond. Being driven by customer satisfaction, Albert’s Furniture is more than just a vendor, they’re family! Let the furniture family take care of your family at Albert’s Furniture.